Hi, I'm Hannah

I am a front-end developer based in London and I love what I do!

Recent Work

Below are some links to my recent work. My work on each of the projects is 90% plus.


I love to play around with code in my spare time. My favourites at the moment are CSS transitions and Animations.

About Hannah

HTML5, CSS3, Scss, jQuery, Javascript, PHP
Craft CMS, Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel, Zen Cart
SublimeText 3, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator


I am an enthusiastic and self-motivated front end developer in London. I am passionate about my work and take pride in my code.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc Hons in Neuroscience and MSc in Physiology of Health and Disease and have now been coding for almost 4 years.

I build fully responsive websites and believe in getting involved in projects as early as possible so that I can collaborate, contribute and advise before development begins.

I have good attention to detail, numerical and literacy skills which enhance my ability to analyse information and identify inconsistencies. I am a hard worker, fast learner and organised. Working in digital agencies means that I am used to meeting tight deadlines and being adaptable.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, music, reading comics and books, playing video and board games and baking.